Displaying Year part from date object

We have seen how to create a JavaScript date object and use it for displaying current date and time. Now we will try to learn how to get year part from the date object by using getYear() function.


Note that getYear() function returns years in two digits for year from 1900 to 1999 and it returns three digit year starting from year 2000. So for the year 2000 getYear() function will return 100 and for 2001 it will return 101. For the year 2006 it will return 106. Same way for the year less than 1900 it will return negative number starting from -1 for the year 1899 and 0 for the year 1900.


getFullYear() function returns year in 4 digits for all the years. So it is better to use getFullYear() function than getYear function.

For our example we can create one date object and then use its instances to get the year part by using getFullYear() function. Here is the demo.

Here is the full code of the above demo.

<title>Demo of getyear </title>
<script type="text/javascript">
function show_now() {
var dt= new Date();
//var my_time=dt.getYear(); // coment this line if you want to use getFullYear
var my_time=dt.getFullYear(); // comment this line if you want to use getYear


<input type=button value="Show Time" onclick="show_now();">


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