ATAN() function

The output is arc tangent cos of X. This is the value for which tangent is X

Let us strat with some known output of ATAN().
SELECT ATAN(0);// Output 0
SELECT ATAN(1); // Output is 0.785398163397448
SELECT ATAN(-2); // Output is -1.10714871779409

Using ROUND() with ATAN()

SELECT ROUND(ATAN(-2),2);// Output is 1.11
We are getting outputs in radian, so to change the value to degree we will use DEGREES()


SELECT DEGREES(ATAN(0)); // Ouput is 0
SELECT DEGREES(ATAN(1)); // Output is 45 
SELECT DEGREES(ATAN(-1)); // Output is -45

SIN() function

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