SQL Video Tutorials

  • SELECT query with LIMIT and order by with WHERE condition checking using BETWEEN range

  • Getting unique data from columns of MySQL table by using DISTINCT query

  • SQL BETWEEN to get rows within a range with all other commands

  • Deleted video

  • SQL LIKE query to use wildcards to partially match strings with combination of AND OR NOT

  • Order by MySQL query to display rows based on order of columns

  • Sum of values of columns in MySQL table with GROUP BY , IN and CASE

  • MySQL query to get Average value of a column by using avg() along with GROUP BY , in and Having

  • CROSS JOIN of tables to link with all rows and use of WHERE query

  • Joining tables Using SQL LEFT Join, RIGHT Join and Inner Join

  • SQL MAX for Highest record of the column with all other details

  • Creating Yearly,monthly,year–month, part of month and quarter reports using group by in date column

  • Grouping financial data based on Financial year Quarters by using the date column

  • Joining strings by using CONCAT and handling NULL value.

  • Records of different date ranges by using DATE_SUB(), CURDATE() and BETWEEN() query.

  • CURDATE() to get todays, yesterday and tomorrow date with first day last of previous , next months

  • NOW() to get todays, yesterday and tomorrow date with time with sample queries

  • DAYNAME() function to get full name of the weekday in MySQL

  • MONTHNAME() function to get full name of the month in MySQL

  • DAYOFWEEK() function to get number from 1 to 7 based on Weekday in MySQL

  • WEEKDAY() function to get number from 0 to 6 based on Weekday in MySQL

What is SQL Query with WHERE Condition Collecting data by linking more than one table


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