WE can convert any number from one mathematical base number system to another base number system by using conv() function in MySQL. Here is the syntax
conv(n,base_from, base_to);
Here n is any number and base_from is base of n ( the number ) at present. base_to is the base of the number we want to covert. Minimum base value is 2 and maximum base value is 36. Let us try one example
Select conv('b',16,2);
Here number is b of base 16 , after conversion it will have base of 2 . The output is here
Now let us try one octal number

Octal number to decimal ( base 10 )

In above code number 11 is of base 8 and after conversion it became decimal number of base 10. Here is our output
In conventional way it is 11=1x81 + 1x80 , so 11 in octal is equal to 9 in decimal. You can also use MySQL oct function to covert decimal number to Octal system

Hex to binary

Hex numbers have base of 16 and binary is of base 2
select  conv('D',16,2)
Output is

Decimal to Hex

Decimal is of base 10 and Hex is of base 16
select conv(10,10,16);
The output is here

Convert numbers from decimal to Octal base system

We can convert decimal number to octal number by using oct function. Here are examples
select oct(7); // output 7
select oct(8); // out put 10
select oct(9); // out put 11
select oct(10); // out put 12


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