floor() : Highest integer lower that the input

SELECT FLOOR(80.41); => 80
Floor MySQL function returns the highest integer which is lower than the input value. This can be easily understood by some examples.
select floor(5.89)  => 5
select floor(5.22)   =>5
select floor(-5.89)   =>-6
select floor(-5.12)   =>-6
As you can see in above command gives highest integer which is lower than the input value.

We will apply our floor command to our student table. We will take average ( avg ) value of all marks secured by students and to that we will apply floor command. Let us first try without floor.
SELECT avg(mark) as avg FROM `student` 
Output = 74.6571

Now we can use floor command like this.
SELECT floor(avg(mark)) as avg FROM `student`
Output = 74
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