round sql

ROUND(X,D); // X : Argument , D: Number of decimal places
We can get rounded data by using round sql query. Here is an example

Rounding off data up to 2 decimal places .

SELECT ROUND(14.729,2); // Output is 14.73
Examples with different number of decimal place.
SELECT ROUND(4.589,3); // Ouput 4.589
SELECT ROUND(4.589,4); // Ouput 4.5890
SELECT ROUND(4.589,2); // Ouput 4.59
SELECT ROUND(4.589,1); // Ouput 4.6
SELECT ROUND(4.589); // Ouput 5
SELECT ROUND(-4.589); // Ouput -5
SELECT ROUND(-4.389); // Output -4
Using negative value for Number of decimal places.
SELECT  ROUND(234.96,-1); // Output is 230
SELECT  ROUND(236.96,-1); // Output is 240 
SELECT  ROUND(3463.4896,-2); // Output is 3500
Negative value for decimal place ( D) will affect left of decimal places.

We will use our student table and get the rounded data by using round query.

Percentage is a column name in our student table. Here we store the percentage value of each student mark. One of our student Max has got 79.2982 percentage. This number we can round off and display without any decimal value by using command like this.
SELECT name,percentage,round(percentage,0) as rnd FROM `student4` 
Inside round function we can change the number of decimal places required to 1,2,3 etc .. here is an example.
SELECT name,percentage,round(percentage,2) as rnd FROM `student4` 
Output is here
Max Ruin79.298279.30
Krish Star63.157963.16
John Mike80.701880.70
Alex John78.947478.95
My John Rob72.982572.98
Tes Qry72.982572.98
Big John52.631652.63
Try with different values The sql dump of student4 table is here .
SQL dump of Student4 table here


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