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MySQL Error message In different situations sql query can generate error message and display it along with error number. But most of the time develops is not the user of the script and for a normal user these error message or error number are of no use. The programmer can interpret meaning full reason of the error. So instead of displaying the error message to the visitor this script can post the error message and error number generated out of query to the email address of the programmer. We will use this small php mail script to post the error message to the programmer.

First we will test if there is an error or not by checking mysql_query() function. This function will return true if query is successful and will return false in case of error. So we will use php if else condition to check the status of this mysql_query() function. Here is the small code.
$query = mysql_query("SELECT no_field FROM student");

if(!$query){ // condition to check in case of error only

$error_msg= "Erron No:".mysql_errno(). "<br>";
$error_msg .="Error message = ".mysql_error();

mail("programmer@sitename.com","error message",$error_msg,"");


If you are using PDO then we can collect error message and error code then post it by using PHP mail function.
require 'config-pdo.php'; // database connection string 
$pdo=$dbo->prepare('Select * from nonexistence_table');
echo 'Success<br>';
$error_msg = "Error Code : ".$pdo->errorCode()."<br>";
$error_msg = $error_msg . "Error Message : ". print_r($pdo->errorInfo());
echo $error_msg;
mail("programmer@sitename.com","error message",$error_msg,""); 

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    What if the error is something other than a mysql error. Like a syntax error or something? Is there an error code or process for that? I have such an error and Dreamweaver does not tell me.

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