mysql_num_fields Functions to get number of fields returned in a query

WE can get the number of fields in our executed query by using mysql_num_fields function. This function returns the number of fields returned by the query.

Here is an example

$query="select * from student";
echo $fields;
The above code will print 4 as we have 4 columns in our student table.

Now let us change the query a bit ( only query part is changed and all other parts remain same )

$query="select name,id from student";
Now the output of the print command will display 2 ( not 4 ). So the function mysql_num_fields function returns the number of columns returned by the query.

Read how mysql_num_fields() is along with mysql_field_name function is used to display all column names of a table.

Download sql dump of student table

Not known


The above code duplicates the value for each cell. Any fix?


Above code works perfectly. No problem.

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