Google Analytics 4 (GA-4)

Google Analytics 4

What is Google Analytics 4 ( GA4) property

Google is going to replace Universal Analytics with Google Analytics 4 ( GA4) property. This is the right time to shift or install GA4.

What is the deadline

As per google, the present universal Analytics is going to stop processing data from 1st of July 2023. After this date we will be able to see the historical data only as fresh data will flow to GA4 only.

What about the present Google Universal Analytics

It will continue to process data till 1st July 2023 and we can happily use this till this date without any issue. However as the data stops flowing to this system after 1st July 2023 we canít use this as the importance of analysis will be lost because of absence of new data.

Why should not wait for the deadline

We need historical data for analysis, so once we install GA4 we are able to start analysis as the data grows. So why not start installing now so we will get more data for analysis over time.
However our old universal analytics is still going to work till 1st July. So there is nothing wrong with installing GA4 at this moment.

Is it easy to install

Setup for Google Analytics 4
Just 3 clicks , and you are ready. This is done when we already have Google Universal Analytics. For other systems ( CMS) we may have to collect the experience.

Started with Google Analytics 4

After installation ,copy the code for your website and use it within <body> tag, preferable at the end.

Create Google Analytics 4 Property

Inside Admin ( lower left ) > Under Property column , you will find one new tag ending with GA-4 . Select this property, then Data Stream Then Add new on-page tag Then Global site tag(gtag.js)

( After first time installation wait for 30 minutes for the data to flow, but Realtime shows the data immediately )

Donít update the code, keep both Universal Analytics and GA-4.

What about my present UA

Bothe will work till 1st July 2023 and after that UA will stop showing current data as data will flow to new GA4.

Copy the code for your website

How is the experience of GA4

Wait for some time, let the data flow continue for some days , we will post.

More Details on GA-4 from Google

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