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Web pages are created for visitors, not for search engines. Search engines try to match the requirement of searchers by returning the best page matching the query and this is the key to their success. As search engines are the main driver for traffic to a site the competition increases as many web sites tries to compete for targeted keywords. While keeping high quality content inside the pages for our visitors we can change the tags little bit to make it easy for the robots crawling the pages.

There is no quick success story for getting good traffic other than adding good content and updating regularly. We will focus here on some important points to keep in mind while updating or adding any page.

Title tag

Title tag is important for the search engines. They appear as hyper link in the result page of the search engine. So a good descriptive title tag will encourage visitors to click and visit the site. Title tag should have the most important key words with it. But it should not be stuffed with keywords separated by comas. There is no point in repeating any words inside the title page. It must be in a readable format for the visitors to click. Keywords used inside the title must be the key targeted word of the page. Maximum length of the title page should not exceed 75 char length. There is no official length specification for the title tag, but google truncates the title after 66 or 67 char length including blank space used if any. So it is better we adjust our title to this length. Title should be true reflection of body content of the page, visitors by reading the title tag should get a fair idea about the content of the page.
Learn from Google about Title tag

Descriptive Meta tags

Keyword and description Meta tags are not so important now, but it is a good idea to have them inside the head area of the page. Fill them with targeted keyword and description.

Header font tag

Inside the body tag use one header tags to break the content in sub sections. Some search engines give relative more importance to keywords inside the head tag of the font.

Text and Image links

It is a good idea to use text links for linking pages with proper ( targeted ) anchored text. If image ads are used then alt tag is to be used to add related text. Note that robots can't read text written within body of the images. So pages with lot of graphics and animations may not pass content to the search engine robots to index.

Anchored text and navigation

Anchored text is links telling about the page under that link. Targeted keywords are to be used within the anchored text of the link. Important keywords with anchored text are also important while targeting any back link from external site.

There is no quick solution for getting good rank by changing the design of any page. The best way is to develop good content and keep them updating. If some trick worked today, it may not work tomorrow. Search engines are regularly updating their algorithm to give best result to visitors using their search engine. Here is google guidelines for webmasters if you are confused on what to do to improve your ranking. There are some more points to be discussed on creating a search engine friendly page and that we will discuss next.

Google testing tools for your website

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Check for validation of structured data

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