Google trends for websites

We are going to discuss about google trend but we will focus on google trend for websites. This tool is one of the important tools we can use to know about us and others. Let us visit the link first.

Google trend for websites

Now just type any website name like this . You will see the trend in traffic in last two years. There are options to change the time period and geographical locations. Google trend gives graph or returns data for sites which are getting more than 2000 visit per day, for other sites it will display no data is available. So if your site is not coming up here then wait for some time till your traffic grows. But that does not mean you should stop reading this. Let us try to read the traffic trend for some other sites. Test your competitors, your favorite sties and search engines for the trend.

Multiple sites trend.

You can compare more than one site by using coma between them. You can check,, and you can watch the trend for all three sites & compare. While comparing multiple sites take care that you select matching traffic for comparison otherwise the scale will differ and minute details won't be visible. We will not able to see the clarity when we camper sites with 10K daily visitors with 200K daily visitors. To get an idea with whom to compare you can check the list saying Also Visited.

You can observe from the graph ( trend ) that a common trend of less traffic in Saturday & Sundays for the sites in IT sector. This can be opposite for a travel site.

Industry trend

If you are maintaining a travel website then you know in holiday seasons your hits will go up. You can compare traffic of your site and some other sites in the same business and see whether the trend is matching or not. This way you can find out if you are loosing traffic and others are remaining same or gaining. You can investigate any such behavior if it is not matching with your competitor or related areas. Google trend gives a list of Also Visited sites from which you can match three or four sites to compare.

Bookmark the Link

Once you finalize sites to compare with your site , then select a region and a period from the drop down list if required and then bookmark or save the URL. Any time by just visiting the URL you can get the latest trend ready for your analysis. Same way keep some links on different group of sites and you can monitor the progress.

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