SEO: Search Engine Optimization, Glossary of terms

White Hat SEO

Search engine Optimization tech-nicks which uses legitimate method and focus on improved user experience for better ranking of pages to increase traffic.

This type of page optimization focus on long term search engine ranking by providing good and useful content for the visitors.
Opposite to this is black hat Optimization.

Panda Algorithm Update of Google

This is one of the main update of google algorithm, started around Feb 25th 2011 mainly for USA sites and globally on April 11th 2011. Its effect was visible by 13th April. As per google it affected 12% of the queries.
After this there were many small and big updates of Panda was rolled out by google affecting many sites.
As per google official blog on this update the main purpose was to improve ranking of high quality sites.

EMD: Exact Match Domain

Domains names are used with specific keywords to target for better ranking in Search pages. These keyword stuffed domain names are some time targeted in algorithm updates.
There is some observations that Google Penguin update targets these EMDs

Penguin Algorithm update of google

This algo update was announced on 24th April 2012 and its effect was vissible around 27th May. As per google this has affected 3 % of search queries.
This update is targeted towards sites engaged in ' black hat webspam' methods to increase ranking in search results.
More details on Penguin update from google

Black Hat Seo

Alos know as Black Hat Webspam, are techniques used to take advantage of loopholes of present ranking algorithm of search engines without adding any value to improve user experience or quality of site etc.
These are not in long term interest and likely to fail in long run with improvment and changes in search ranking algo.
Read more on Black Hat Webspam here.

QDF : Query deserves Freshness

Freshness of the content does not matter for all type of contents. Some news , events , sports etc deserves fresh content but in other hand there are some ever green contents like evolution of earth, historical events and past data. So it depends on the query which will return fresh or updated content or aver green content.

Check your queries for which you are getting traffic requires freshness or not. If it is not required then no need to update your content.


UGC : User generated content. Visiters write their feedback or answer queries or give their openion about a product or issues. These are content generated not only by site but by visitors. Some sites total depends on UGC or partly on UGC.

Forums , blog posts, pages created for product review etc.

PBN : Private Blog Network

A set of blogs or sites setup to point link to a main site to increase its ranking. The main site is the focus of this network of sites.

EAT : Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthiness

Sites are rated based on these factors. Part of Quality rating guidelines of Google. .
Download the PDF document

YMYL : Your Money or Your Life

These types of pages require high level of quality standard. Examples are shopping, financial transaction, medical, legal answer sites.

MC : Main content

Main content is the part of the page which directly helps the user to achieve its purpose.

SC : Supplementary Content

Content which increases user experience but not directly helps the page to achieve its purpose.

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