Black Hat SEO

These are unethical techniques to boost search engine ranking. Practices which are generally not acceptable to engines nor it ads value to the visitors are used to get more traffic from the search engines. Some of the examples of black hat Search Engine Optimization are here.

Link buying

Incoming to a web site or page are used by search engine algorithms as vote for higher ranking. So a link of a high reputation site pointing to a website gives boost to its ranking. Similarly more number of incoming links means more vote for the site. So a site starts buying links by paying for sole purpose of boosting their ranking. These are not natural way of gaining links with high quality content.

Hidden Text

Some text and links for the sake of search engine robots are kept in pages which are not relevant to the visitors. By way of color formatting or by using CSS techniques these links or text are not shown to visitors. These are kept to feed robots only with more text does not add any value for a visitor.

Keyword stuffing

In order to increase the page relevancy keywords are filled in webpages without any improved user experience or relevancy.

Doorway pages

Here some pages are created to attract the visitor and then they are redirected to another page by Meta refresh or by different type of redirecting. These pages are also optimized to get good rank in search engine but visitor after clicking the search result page , gets redirected to a different page. These are also known as bridge pages.


Search engine robots can be identified by their IP address and by any server side programming. Here a different set of pages can be shown to the robots than a normal visitor can see. This is done by first identifying who is requesting for the page, then based on that a different set of pages is shown to search engines crawlers and human visitors.

Short time gain

These are not a long term strategies . Search engines continuously updates their algorithm to fight these spam techniques so what is working today may not work tomorrow. Moreover there is always chance of getting banned from engines. These are some of the spam techniques used by sites to boost their ranking.

Auto generated content

Sometime pages are generated by using programs targeting keywords. These pages don't add any value to the user and instead developed to get indexed in search database.

Link network

Instead of buying or directly exchanging links some sites join link network which returns links from different sites pointing to main site. Such chain of sites are exclusively developed for link sourcing.

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