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Are you an expert in programming or someone who have interest in photography or you enjoying traveling to different part of the world? What ever be our profession or expertise we have some interest in some areas. At the same time we are also interested in knowing the related development around the world on our favorite topics. We can do a regular search on our area to know but search results are not that much dynamic to tell us recent developments or to monitor the daily changes. One of the best ways to know or update ourselves on the news and developments is to subscribe to Google Alert.

Check at

You can manage different types of alert and also specify the frequency of the alert. Every day I receive one email ( alert ) for each of my area updating me about the subject. Some of my favorite alerts are

Knowledge Management
Corporate Social Responsibility

I have some other alerts on travel and photography.

Knowing the link updating at google index through alert
As we know one of the way google give ranking to a site is by counting the back links to a site. It complex algorithm takes care of wattage associated against each link. This updating of links and considering the links in its algorithm takes place over a period. By keeping a alert like this

We can know when the backlinks for a site is updated in the Google index. The command is a command to know backlinks of a site ( but google gives only a sample of backlinks not the full list to public view )

Similarly, you can find some other innovative way to use Gooogle alerts

Any time you can unsubscribe or change your preference by visiting link given at the end of each alert.

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It complex algorithm takes care of wattage associated against each link.

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