Details required and price for buying a domain name

Domain names are the online identity for any individual, any company or any organization.

Websites are stored in a computer connected to the Internet. Each computer connected to the Internet is identified by its IP address. The IP address looks like this . As you can understand these numbers are difficult to remember. So we assign each website a unique name with an extension and map it to the IP address of the website. So we only have to remember the name like or and need not bother about the IP address of the computer where the pages of these websites are stored. Let us try another example to make it more clear

Imagine we are in a town and in our local post office we have given our address to receive our emails. But for our friends, it is difficult to remember our long address with House Number, street number, etc. So the postmaster has assigned one post box to you and you have asked all your friends to send mail to that post box. It is easy for your friends to remember your post box number than keeping a record of your House number, street address etc. This also helps in another way, say you have changed your house, now you need not ask all your friends to note and edit your new house number. You can only ask your postmaster to assign your post box number to your new address. Your post box number remains the same. Here your post box number is your domain name and your address is the IP address. You can understand now that the post box number is unique to a person. Two persons can't have the same post box number. The same way the domain names ( along with the extensions ) are unique on the Internet.

What exactly is the domain name? We will try to learn here, and this is simple to understand, but this is the beginning of many other related topics to learn. We will restrict our self to domain name here. Domain names can be purchased from CANN Accredited Registrars. You can buy from them or from any reseller of them.

Price of a domain name

Price of a booking a domain name for TLD ( Top level domains ) like .com, .net, .org varies from register to the registrar. The rate varies from US $7 to US $10 per year. While buying you can buy for one year or more than one year up to a maximum ten years. You can buy for one year and any time before the name expires you can renew it for more years ( maximum 10 years ). The process of buying varies depending on your registrar while buying the TLD (top-level domain) names you can submit your contact details and some other details online while buying a domain name but some country-specific registrars ( for country-specific domain name extensions ) requires some other details while booking and it varies from country to country. For example is a united kingdom specific domain name.

Valid length and characters to be used in domain name

Only letters ( A to Z ), numbers and hyphens are allowed to form a domain name. Hyphens are not allowed at the beginning or at the end of the name. The maximum characters allowed is 67 in the domain name. Domain names are not case sensitive. For the country-specific domain names some countries have their own restrictions on length and char of domain names.

Tips for selecting a domain name

On-Line branding is not same as real-life branding. We need not go for our required topic related names with extensions. It is very difficult to get a good name also. We will not get any easy names like or, at the same time, all the words of the English dictionary with TLD extensions are already booked. But don't worry if you are for building an online brand then you need not go for common names. google or yahoo are not listed in the word list. These online brands are developed over time. So go for a short and easy to remember names than any fancy or common names. At the same time, there is no point in going for domain names like Your domain name need not be in line with the area you operate in. For example, is a famous job portal.

Details to be submitted

While booking a domain name we have to give some information about the owner, contact details, etc. This may vary from the registrar and may change based on country-specific domain names. For TLD ( top-level domains ) it is more or less common across the different registers. First, the details of the register or the owner of the site is to be entered. This can be a person or any organization. Then three more details the admin, technical and billing contact details are to be given. If required the registered name can be given for all other three contact details. Care is to be taken while selecting admin contact as admin can change billing and technical contacts and manage the hosting details. The ultimate power lies with the register or the owner of the site, it can replace the admin contact. Your Registrar gives log in access to the owner of the site to manage all other three contact details ( admin, technical and billing ).

How to setup the site

Just registering a domain name is not enough, we need to plan for a hosting service. We can manage where to host our site by managing the name server from our log in area provided by our registrar. Any time from here we can point to different hosting servers as and when required. The details of this we will discuss in our managing hosting tutorial. Note that it is a good idea to keep hosting account and domain registration account from two different places.

Keep booking your domain names and try to build an on line brand for your business or organization.

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