Displaying Confirm window for user input

We can display a confirm box to the visitor and ask their opinion. This confirm window will have two buttons, one for OK and other for CANCEL. Visitor can click one if the two buttons and the user action can be captured by assigning this to a variable. The confirm box will return TRUE if the OK button is clicked and it will return FALSE if cancel button is clicked.

We check the return value by using if else condition checking

We can further improve this by linking the returned value of the confirm button to an alert window.

Here is the code for a confirm box linked to an alert window.
<title>Demo of Confirm window in JavaScript</title>
<META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="Demo of Confirm window for user choice">
<META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="Demo Confirm window">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../images/all11.css" type="text/css">
<script type="text/javascript"> 
function show_confirm() { 

var my_string = confirm("Are you satisfied with the quality of the tutorials here?");
if(my_string){alert("Thank you");
alert("Please use the contact us page to give your feedbacks");}


<input type=button value='Click here to display confirm Window' OnClick="show_confirm()">
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