DATABASE Create display and delete

Database is a collection of structured information or data.

Creating a database
CREATE DATABASE my_database;
If the database is already there then MySQL will return error. We can check first before creating the database.
CREATE database IF NOT EXISTS  my_database;
The user account must have privileges to create database. Contact your database admin to get required privilege if you are getting ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user message.

To know which database is currently in use

Listing all Databases

SHOW DATABASES in Phpmyadmin
SHOW databases;
We can use LIKE to filter the listing of database
SHOW databases LIKE '%plus2%';
This will list all databases having plus2 any where in the database name.

More on SHOW Database and table

Opening a Database

Creating a database does not mean it is selected for use. We have to explicitly call it before using.
USE my_database;
With this our my_database is available to us.

Deleting Database

DROP DATABASE my_database;
If the database is not available then this will generate error, so we can check before deleting.

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