Closing of a small (or child ) window On click of button

A child window can be closed after displaying some information or taking some inputs from the user. The window can be self closed or can be closed by clicking a button or a link inside it.
  • Passing data & Managing Parent - Child window

To know on how to open a child or small window you can refer to our tutorial here. You can take the input from user and automatically close the window depending on the requirements. Even you can refresh the parent window while before closing the main window.

self closing window

Here are the commands for closing the child window ( from the child window).

<input type=button onClick="self.close();" value="Close this window">
JQuery Manaing Parent & Child window
Pass the data betweeen parent and child window and refreshing part of the parent window once Data is changed at child window.

Closing open window

demo of Opening and closing child window
To close and open window from the parent window we have to use this code( parent.htm).
<title>(Type a title for your page here)</title>
<script language=javascript> function to_open(){"child.htm","Ratting","width=550,height=170,0,top=260,status=0,");
} function to_close(){ tm.close();
} </script> </head> <body> <input type="button" name="btn" value="Open" onclick="to_open()";> <input type="button" name="btn" value="Close" onclick="to_close()";> </body> </html>
The code of child.htm window is here
<title>Demo of child window</title>
This is child window
Window object Reference Passing data from Child window to parent window Window onload to execute code


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