Refreshing parent window from child window

Refreshing the parent window or main window from a child or small window is a common requirement. For example in an auction script we can display the present highest bid and we can ask the bidder to enter the bid amount by opening a child window. Here once the bid is entered and submitted the child window should close and then the parent window must refresh to display the entered bid amount. Here we will use the code at the child window to refresh the parent window.

Opening closing & Passing data from Child window to parent window in JavaScript & refreshing main

Please read the child window open and child window close tutorials before trying this. Here is the code to refresh the parent window from the child window. Click this button to open a child window.

The code for the above button is here

<input type=button"window-child2.html","Ratting","width=550,height=170,
left=150,top=200,toolbar=0,status=0,"); value="Open Window">
The code of the child window is here

<title>(Type a title for your page here)</title>
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
function win(){


<body bgcolor="#ffffff" >

<font face='Verdana' size='2' >This is the child window opened . Click the button below to close this window and refresh the main window</font>
<center><input type=button onClick="win();" value="Close this window"></center>
</body> </html>
JQuery Manaing Parent & Child window
Pass the data betweeen parent and child window and refreshing part of the parent window once Data is changed at child window.
Window object Reference Passing data from Child window to parent window
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