Ajax PHP MySQL based progress bar

In applications where the main script takes time to execute the full code, we can have some break ups or some landmark points at some intervals. Once the execution completes these landmarks then it will update a table with status indicating the completion of the part. Our progress monitoring script will interact with this table to take the feedback and display the progress bar accordingly.

We have already seen how the progress bar is displayed. We will extend the same technique to show a growing status bar as per the script execution.

DEMO of Progress Bar Process

Here is the block diagram of the process.


There is not much difference in basic progress bar script and this. Through a timer it reads data from progress-bar2.php and manage the value attribute of progress tag.


This page reads the data from the status table and returns the same to progress-bar2-demo.php through Ajax to display the progress bar image.


This script first deletes all the records of the status table and then updates it with different stage values. To create some delays in script execution sleep() function is used. At the end of each stage the status table is updated.

Download the zip file for all these three scripts
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    Here in your example, no popup opens and ajax responses ok but in downloaded file, it opens a popup which i dont want


    The script can be executed without popup like this
    require "progress-bar2-1.php";

    Download a copy now. PDO support is added.

    Post your comments , suggestion , error , requirements etc here

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