PHP MySQLI : MySQL Improved

MySQLI Functions

Functions Description
affected_rowsNumber of rows affected by query
mysqli InstallationChecking MYSQLI installation and support
mysqli_connect()MYSQLI Connection string
mysqli_bind_param()Bindes variables to a prepared statement as parameters
mysqli_fetch_array()Rows of data as Array by using result set
mysqli_query()Apply query to database
mysqli_num_rows()Number of rows in result set of a query
mysqli_num_fields()Number of fields in result set of a query
mysqli_fetch_field_direct()Field meta Data
mysqli_fetch_field()All Field meta Data
mysqli_fetch_lengths()Data Field length
nd_mysqliEnabling mysqli and nd_mysqli
Query with MYSQLI
Query Description
UPDATEUpdate records with parameters
INSERTInsert or Add records with parameters
SELECTGetting records from table with parameters
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