PHP MySQLI : MySQL Improved

MySQLi provide exclusive driver to handle MySQL database from PHP.

Here are tutorials handling Query with MYSQLI
Query Description
UPDATEUpdate records with parameters
INSERTInsert or Add records with parameters
SELECTGetting records from table with parameters

MySQLI Functions

Functions Description
affected_rowsNumber of rows affected by query
mysqli InstallationChecking MYSQLI installation and support
mysqli_connect()MYSQLI Connection string
mysqli_bind_param()Bindes variables to a prepared statement as parameters
mysqli_fetch_array()Rows of data as Array by using result set
mysqli_query()Apply query to database
mysqli_num_rows()Number of rows in result set of a query
mysqli_num_fields()Number of fields in result set of a query
mysqli_fetch_field_direct()Field meta Data
mysqli_fetch_field()All Field meta Data
mysqli_fetch_lengths()Data Field length
mysqli_info()info about the recently executed query
nd_mysqliEnabling mysqli and nd_mysqli

When not to use MySQLi

Unlike PDO, MySQLi driver is exclusive PHP driver for MySQL database. If you have any plan to shift your database from MySQL to other database then you have to change several code ( matching functions ) to match with your new database. In such case it is better to use PDO as data handling functions are mostly common and we just have to change the connection string.

PHP MySQL PDO Functions SQLite PHP Code generator for PDO & mysqli
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