GD Functions in PHP for managing graphics

By using PHP and GD library support we can develop powerful graphics scripts which can handle many types of image manipulation and development. In new version of GD and PHP support we can develop even FLASH images and animations.

We have to ensure that the support for all these graphics capabilities are available in our server and if not available then how to add them. We will learn all these along with script development here. First we will start with how to enable GD support in your server.
ImageRotate()Rotate Image
ImageString()Add text string to image
Imagettftext()Add text of any font size to image
Imagerectangle()Drawing rectangles
Imagearc()Drawing Arc and circles
Imagefilledarc()Drawing filled Arc and circles
Imageellipse()Drawing ellipse and circles
Imagefilledellipse()Drawing Filled ellipse and circles

Checking GD support of PHP at your server

Learn how to check GD support availability at server and how to enable it at php.ini file.

Displaying images by header control

To display images we have to have tell browser by header that we are sending one image and not a html page.

Drawing lines in images

The first step to draw line chart or graphs is to draw lines of different length and reading the coordinates. We can change the gallery background or canvas colour also.

Draw SIN & COS curve using imageline()

Draw Sin, Cos curve and then add both to draw a single image.

Drawing graphs by using data from a mysql table

We can collect data from mysql table and plot a line graph by using this data. The image with the graph can have labels and data display on it.

Adding grid to the line graph

How to add vertical grid to the ling graph drawn by taking data from a mysql table?

Adding border to uploaded image

How to add border to an uploaded image by using gd support in PHP? WE can change the width of the border also.

Watermarking of image by GD

We can add watermark images present in a directory or just uploaded by using GD support. The watermark can be added on the fly to the image while uploading.

Generate Captcha

Generate Captcha for user to read the text and enter in a form. The text is generated as image by using GD functions.

Adding Form entered text to Image template

User can enter name and grade through a form and submit. With this data and using a template, certificate can be generated by adding text to the image using ImageString().

Generate certificate using data from MySQL student table

Using a standard template we can add data from MySQL table to generate certificates on the fly.

Adding Student Photo, Logo and QR code to certificate

Along with the student data taken from MySQL table, we can add student photo, Logo and QR code while generating the certificates.

Page hit counter

Generate a graphical page hit counter.

Getting X,Y coordinates on click over an image.


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