PHP Calendar functions

Function Description
cal_days_in_month()Number of days in a given month & days in current month
cal_to_jd()Julian Date count from month day and year
cal_from_jd()Calendar details as array from Julian Date count
frenchtojd()French Republican Calendar to a Julian Day Count
gregoriantojd()Gregorian date to Julian Day Count
jdtounix()Converting Julian Day count to Unix timestamp
jddayofweek()Week day in different formats from Julian Date count
jdmonthname()Month name from Julian day count
cal_info()Information about all the calendars available
easter_date()Easter Date of the year
easter_days()Number of days between March 21st and Easter
unixtojd()Converting Unix timestamp to Julian day count

Scripts / Code in PHP for download. Developed using calendar functions

Script Example Description
Date PickerOn Click passing date value to parent window from a new calendar window
PHP CalendarDisplaying current month calendar with browse link to previous or next months
Monthly plannerAdd events in a planner to generate printer friendly page or HTML code to display
Demo TimeStampGenerate time stamp then Julian day and calendar

Date Picker using JQuery

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    roel tamusa


    im a student, need some sample of code in calendar


    I want to check if date and time
    availability, that is, if user choose a date for an appointment, other users will not be able to choose this date and time, how to do this.


    This requires database support , you can use MySQL database to store user appointments.

    You can check this script which stores the appointments and display them to visitors. Here we have used JQuery for front end calendar display and managing the inputs, MySQL database to store information and PHP as script. You can download the script and modify it as per your requirement.

    Post your comments , suggestion , error , requirements etc here

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