PHP MySQL scripts downloads

These scripts are developed using PHP and MySQL database. You can download and learn how to further develop this scripts by installing at your server. Some scripts have demo facility to test how it works.

YouTube Playlist

Get the List of Videos with all other details by using Yourube API.

Video Schema Markup

Generate code for Rich Result for Video in your webpage using YouTube API.

Picture Gallery script

Create gallery and Upload images. Site Admin can manage galleries and photos

Plus mysqladmin script

View database, table, structure, records etc and delete table or drop table by using this simple PHP PDO script

Newsletter management script

Subscribing confirming and managing newsletter from admin area

Captcha Script

Generate captcha by using GD functions to protect your form data submission

Membership management script

Signup form, login and Siteadmin to manage members.

Rate this article ( 1 to 5 star ) Advance

PHP MySQL with Ajax concept this script is used to opens a new window and on selection of rating in one to five star scale, the window closes automatically.

Rate this article ( 1 to 5 scale ) Basic

Your visitor and submit their views by giving a rating in a one to five scale for the article or page.

Content Management Script

A basic script to mange some part of content from an admin area. No need to edit the page and upload to server. The script collects the data from MySql table and add to the page

Posting Visitor Comment

Your visitors can add comment ( small amount of text ) at the end of the page. Site admin can approve or delete the comment as and when required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Site admin can add categories , can add or edit answers to all frequently asked questions.

Ajax feedback form

Form is displayed to visitors and the feedback is posted to site admin. Form submission is through Ajax so page reloading is avoided.

PHP Counters

Storing and displaying page hit counter by storing the data in text file.

Tell a Friend script

Send the page URL to a friend's email address.

Php Online Poll

User can select one of the option to submit chice.

Displaying HTML

Using PHP, displaying HTML tags using echo command
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