Form & component validation using PHP

Forms are mainly used to collect user entered data to the system. We enter our login data or use one signup form to enter data as a user to a database table or to a form processing script. There are different components like text box, radio buttons, checkbox, combo box or drop down list boxes for users to enter data to a system. You can read more details on web form and its components in our HTML section.
HTML form input and data receiving page
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HTML FORM basics with input fields submit button action page and target attributes

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To handle various display and design issues we have to use front end tool like HTML or JavaScript. Our server side script PHP is used to handle the data as entered by users. We also need PHP to validate the data and post back the error messages if validation fails.

We will discuss some basic issues relating to handling of form components and some sample codes here.

Check Box

Checkbox How to use and handle checkbox data.
Checkbox data How to handle the post back data for a check box if validation fails?
Checkbox & database Retrieving and storing data of checkbox

Validation and Checks of user entered data

How to retain form data Retaining the data in the form if it fails to submit
Data Validation and posting back Validating all form components and posting back
Date validation Validating user entered date value.
Email Validation Checking format of user entered email address
Email Validation using Ajax Using Ajax to validate email address
validate form Php code to validate data after posting by user
Checking for number only Returns falls if data is not a number
is_int Checks if data is an integer or not
alphanumeric characters Characters A to Z and numbers are only allowed.
Only alphabets Checking for Alphabets only

Drop down list box in a form

Drop down listbox Retaining user selection of a drop down list box
Multiple selection Handling multiple selection of drop down list box

sticky Form

Validate the user input and keep the input data inside the form while validaing and showing error message to user.

Basics of Form in PHP

How to collect the data from a simple html form and display all the variables of the form.

Text Box

Text box is the most commonly used form component. How to use text boxes and how to retain data if form validation fails? .

Period button post back data holding

Radio buttons ( or period ) are used when user has to select one of the many options. Once the validation of form fails then how to retain the selected value of the user in the set of period buttons?

Register_global setting

How to handle data if register_global is set to OFF at php.ini file. In PHP5 and above register_global is by default set to OFF
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