PHP Data Objects - PDO

PHP PDO & MYsQL PDO will not work for versions older than PHP 5 ( Check your PHP Version )

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MySQL Functions (PDO_MYSQL)

Functions Description
InstallationHow to enable PDO in PHP 5 and above versions
ConnectionConnection to MySQL Database

Collecting records
Functions Description
FetchCollecting single record
RecordsMultiple records from table

Inserting , updating and deleting records
Functions Description
InsertAdding records to table
UpdateUpdate record
DeleteDelete records
DropDrop table

Counting rows and columns
Functions Description
RowCountNumber of rows affected by delete or update query
ColumnCountNumber of columns present in a query or table

From a list of records to a single record

We can display a list of student names by taking data from a table. From this list user can click a single record ( say student name column ) to get full details of the record ( student details )
Basic Php MySQL database script using PDO
You should have PHP installed
Database MySQL
Check PDO connection from PHP to MySQL

How to Install Script
Open sql_dump.txt file and use the sql commands to create your tables.
Open config.php and enter your mysql login details.

Open index.php file and check for any error messages
Open any file and use the top menu to navigate different pages
You can delete table or remove all records by using different pages using top menu.
You can reinitiate all tables and records by visiting links at the top menu.
So feel free to experiment with drop table or deleting records.

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download Basic database management script using PHP PDO & MySQL

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