Entering date value of a calendar to a text field ( date picker )

We can ask our visitors to enter a date in any text field. But here it is always better to show one calendar and ask the visitor to select a date from the calendar. This date picker script will help visitors, as they can browse the calendar and decide their date by clicking it. This will also ensure that the date is automatically entered in acceptable format. You can use this in many applications where date is to be entered by the visitors. In a hotel booking form the date of arrival and departure can be entered by using calendars.

You can see demo of this script and download the code here.

Here there are three parts of the tutorial. The first part is on how to open a new window by clicking a link, and then we will learn how to display the calendar in the new window opened. In the third part we will learn how to transfer the selected date to parent window and close the calendar window.

This tutorial is nothing but integration of three tutorials so it is advisable to first learn the three tutorials.

Opening a child window from parent window.
Developing a calendar script
Passing value of selected date from child calendar window to parent page.

Here is the demo

Enter you date Click here to open the calendar window

Download plus2net Calendar Script.

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