Checkdnssrr function in PHP

We can check our DNS record to verify the existence of a domain name or not. We can see if is there in DNS record by using checkdnsrr function. This function returns True if available and returns False if not available.

The type can be A, MX, NS, PTR,SOA, AAAA, CNAME, SRV,A6 NAPTR, TXT or ANY

This function may not work properly in Windows platform ( Older than PHP 5.3 ).

Here is the simple code to check DNS records.

if(!checkdnsrr($domain,'MX')) {
echo "Not there ";
}else {
echo " It is there "; }

MX record : getmxrr()

We can get details of  mail exchanger record  ( MX record ) by using getmxrr() function.

getmxrr(hostname, array $result, array $weight)

If returns True of False based on the information found. Output is stored in $result as array.
It takes optional parameter weight

Here is an example.

foreach($mx_details as $key=>$value){
echo "$key => $value <br>";

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