ctype_alpha(): Validating only alphabetic characters

$var="abcdef"; // This is alphabetic
//$var="abc=123"; // This is NOT alphabetic
//$var="123"; // This is NOT alphabetic
//$var='xyz12'; // This is NOT alphabetic
//$var='123.56'; // This is NOT alphabetic
//$var=123;  // This is NOT alphabetic

	echo " This is alphabetic  ";
	echo " This is NOT alphabetic ";
bool ctype_alpha(string $input_string)
Returns True or False

By changing the value of $var you can check this function.

By using ctype_alpha function in php we can check or validate alphabetic characters only. Using this function we can check any input coming from insecure ( or any other ) sources. This function is case insensitive so can't differentiate between lower case and upper case alphabetic characters.
We can check user input from a web form for presence of alphabets only, here is the sample code.
echo " This is alphabetic ";
}else{ echo "this is not alphabetic";}

Checking Array

We can check each element of an array.
foreach ($ar as $var){
	echo " $var  is alphabetic  ";
	echo " $var is NOT alphabetic ";
echo "<BR>";
abc is alphabetic
as12 is NOT alphabetic
123 is NOT alphabetic
ab#1 is NOT alphabetic
@12 is NOT alphabetic
To check only alphanumeric characters we can use ctype_alnum function.

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