DateInterval can be used to create a new dateinterval object for our date calculation and uses in any script. In the advance PHP object oriented style for all date & time calculations this format is useful. To specify we have to use some standards which are listed here. The period designations are single character.
Y  Year
M Month 
D days
H hours
I minutes
S seconds
The total specification has to start with P and then with an integer value followed by a period designator. All time part has to start with T.
Example : 4 days can be specified as P4D. Here are some more examples of datetime interval specifications
P7D : 7 days
P1Y1M  :  One year and one month
P1Y1M2D : One year, one month and 2 Days
We need to keep the sequence as Year Month and Date , we can't keep at Month Year Date or any other way as we wish.
P1Y2D1M : This is wrong sequence 
Same way we can add time also to the sequence , let us try with time only, then we will add both date and time to the sequence
PT1H : Adds one hour to the present time 
PT1H5M : Adds one hour 5 minutes to the present time
PT1H5M10S : Adds one hour 5 minutes 10 seconds
Here also we have to maintain the sequence as Hour Minute and seconds .
This will generate error as we have followed Minutes , Hour and second format. Let us combine date and time both and create an interval object
This will set an interval of 1 Year , 2 Months, 5 Days , 1 Hour, 5 Minutes, 10 Seconds

Adding date interval to date object

We will try to add the above interval to a new date object. Here is the php script.
$date = new DateTime('2012-02-01 13:25:50');
echo $date->format('Y-m-d H:i:s') . "<br>";
$date->add(new DateInterval('P1Y2M5DT1H5M10S'));
echo $date->format('Y-m-d H:i:s') . "\n";
The output of above code is here
2012-02-01 13:25:50
2013-04-06 14:31:00
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