modify() : Date modify

This is another way to add or subtract a date object with different month , days ,year , hour , minutes , sec etc.
This function is supported by PHP 5.2 or higher versions. So if you are running 5.2 version the you can use modify function as add or subtract functions are supported by PHP 5.3 and higher only.
How to know PHP version ?
Here is an example on how to use modify function.
date_default_timezone_set ("Asia/Kolkata");
$date1=new DateTime("now") ; // current date
echo $date1->format('d-m-Y');
echo "<br>";
$date2=$date1->modify('+5 day');
 echo $date2->format('d-m-Y');
The output is here
We can change the highlighted line like this
$date2=$date1->modify('+3 month +5 day -1 year ');
Output of this change is here

Including Time

date_default_timezone_set ("Asia/Kolkata");
$date1=new DateTime("now") ;
echo $date1->format('d-m-Y H:i:s');
echo "<br>";
$date2=$date1->modify('+5 day +6 hours +20 minutes +30 seconds ');
echo $date2->format('d-m-Y H:i:s');
Output is here ( based on today's date and time). Refresh this page and check the changes in time.
15-06-2024 02:41:18
20-06-2024 09:01:48

Using fixed date and leap year

$date = new DateTime('2024-02-29 12:00:00');
$date2=$date->modify('+1 year +5 hours');
echo $date2->format('d-m-Y H:i:s');
Output is here
01-03-2025 17:00:00
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