Installation guide & download for Display and Edit record script

There are three folders inside the zip file.
display-edit is for displaying records and editing single column data of a record.
display-edit2 is for displaying records and editing all the columns data of a record. display-edit3 Using JQuery, PHP, MySQLi drivers and MySQL database.

It is recommended to start with single column data edit and then move to all column data edit script.
There are two different tutorials explaining on the record edit. First one is editing single column of a record. Second one is editing all the columns of a record.

Here are the files

sql_dump.php : Use this SQL file to create student table. It has sample data which can be used.
config.php : Enter your database login details like database name, user id, password & localhost.
display.php : This is the main file which display the records and give the option to user to edit. This is the first file to be opened.
display-ajax.php : The backend file which receives the data from display.php through Ajax and checks the data. It update the record in our student table and returns the data with message.
ajax.js JavaScript file connected to display.php. Contains Ajax code to communicate between display.php and display-ajax.php file

Pre conditions to run this script.

You must have PHP 5 or above installed and running in your server. ( How to check PHP version ? )
PDO enabled in your PHP installation and same can be checked by php info. How to Check PDO
OR MySQLi support to run the JQuery version of this script ( display-edit3 )
MySQL database server with PhpMyAdmin running on your localhost to setup the database.

Running the script

After installation of tables and filling all database details in config.php file, try to open display.php file. If you are using single column data edit script then your URL at your browser address bar should be.

In place of you can use localhost if you are testing the script in your local computer. For the script with all columns edit option your URL should be like this ( with localhost )


For JQuery version with MySQLI support


Let us know if you have any suggestions to improve or facing any problem in installation. download script
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    steve gaisan


    Thank you I m working on school exam mark management and this is so helpful. Keep it up. Will return again for to get more script from you.


    Nice Tutorial , thanks for sharing


    Thanks - I think I got a grip on this this time - very well explained very helpful


    Please, can you help me with the edit source code for multiple update and with input validation

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