Demo of FAQ script using Jquery

White Hat SEO

Search engine Optimization tech-nicks which uses legitimate method and focus on improved user experience for better ranking of pages to increase traffic. This type of page optimization focus on long term search engine ranking by providing good and useful content for the visitors. Opposite to this is black hat Optimization.

DNS recrod

Domain Name Server ( DNS ) record is the address of name server which has the address of the website. DNS record is big list in which IP address of hosted websites are stored. This is required when we host a website and we need to tell the world about its address or about its IP location in the language of Internet. When we change our [url=]web hosting[/url] service provider then we change the name server record of the particular domain. This facility is given by your domain registrar who has purchased the domain on behalf of owner. Hosting provider will not have the facility to change DNS record unless the same is the domain registrar. Once the DNS record is updated, it will take upto 24 to 72 hours for the DNS of worldwide to reflect the new address. Till such time new and old host will share the traffic.

Testing one more

This is one more on SEO

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    What is the best way to remove a file?
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    Great!! This tutorial have fully informative about FAQ creation in php. This site really useful to my business site development.

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