$book_id='abc'; // Change this value to get different result
if(filter_var($book_id,FILTER_VALIDATE_INT)){ echo " Yes validation passed "; }else{ echo " No validation failed "; }
No validation failed
By using FILTER_VALIDATE_INT we can validate variables to check if integer data is present or not.
By using filter id of FILTER_VALIDATE_INT the same script can be written as
Now let us add one more option where we will assign minimum and maximum acceptable value of the integer. The option is added by using an array
$book_id='5'; // Change this value to get different result

if(filter_var($book_id,FILTER_VALIDATE_INT, array("options"=>array("min_range"=>-10, "max_range"=>50)) )){
echo " Yes validation passed ";
echo " No validation failed ";
In the above code we have used Minimum value and Maximum value for validating the integer variable. We can also specify only maximum or only minimum value by changing like this. ( One line only )
if(filter_var($book_id,FILTER_VALIDATE_INT, array("options"=>array("min_range"=>8)) )){
You can also read is_numeric.php to check data


Id of this function is 519. By using FILTER_SANITIZE_NUMBER_INT we can remove all chars except digits and + - signs. Here is an example
$str='41!5~6+7'; // Change this value to get different result
$str = filter_var($str,FILTER_SANITIZE_NUMBER_INT);
echo $str;
Output of this is here
Filter reference Validating Boolean data Ctype_alnum to check alphanumeric characters Validating Email address
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