jdmonthname: Month name from Julian day count

$day_number = cal_to_jd(CAL_JULIAN,12,4,2013);
$month_name = jdmonthname($day_number,2);
echo $month_name;
The output is Dec

By changing the mode we can get month in different formats.
0:Jan, Feb, Mar ..( Gregorian )
1:January, February,March   ( Gregorian )
2:Jan, Feb, Mar ( Julian )
3:January, Februry, March ( Julian )
4:Tishri, Heshvan .. (Jewish )
5:Vendemiaire, Brumaire, Frimaire ( French )
jdmonthname(Julian_day_count, Mode )
Here is an example.

Getting current month name

Easy way is to use the date format to get current month name.
echo date('M');
Output is Jun
oupt put is 06
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