IIS7 configuring to run PHP scripts

You need to install IIS7 while installing operating system or use the system disk to install IIS7. To check if IIS is running or not you can open your browser and type.
To know more about hosting websites in your local computer read IIS localhost. If IIS is running then you need to configure it to run PHP scripts. Before this configuration you can install PHP in your system

To open IIS admin panel, go to settings > Control Panel > Administrative tools > Internet Information Services

Mapping Handler

Mapping Handler

Go to Mapping Handler button, you will see all the mappings done so far. In the right side Action area click Add Script Map. Adding Mapping Handler

Adding PHP dll to IIS

In the request path write *.php
In the executable browse to your PHP folder upto the file name php5isapi.dll . This is your dll file which IIS will point to execute PHP scripts.
Based on the PHP installed directory your path may vary, here is one example
C:\Program Files\PHP\php5isapi.dll
Now enter PHP as name and click OK.
Adding script map

Adding to Modules List

While adding PHP script to our Script Map in IIS we may face an error message asking Asapi Module must be in our Modules list first. To add this or any other module to our list we must have to go to our Windows features on or off panel.

Go like this.
Control Panel > Programs and features > Turn Windows feature on or off A small window will open with all the available features . Windows features On or Off
Internet Information Services
World Wide Web Services
Application Development Features

You will be presented with features which you can turn on or off. Check ASAPI Extensions and click OK. With this you have added Asapi module to module list. After this you can again add PHP script by returning to our IIS7 admin panel explained above.

Now to check your PHP installation you can use phpinfo function.
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