phpinfo(): Read the PHP configuration?

echo phpinfo();
phpinfo() is a very powerful tool to know all details about PHP configuration, server environment and server settings.
It tells about the PHP version running in the server. The settings can be changed in php.ini file . In a shared hosting environment you may not get access to change your php.ini file settings. Contact your hosting provider for any changes you require or to enable features.

Some of the settings inside php.ini can be changed by using ini_set() function .

Store the above code in any php file and open in your server.
Name Description
MySQLhow to check mysql support in php by using phpinfo
MSSQLhow to check MSSQL support in php by using phpinfo
GDChecking GD support used for image handling
Jsonhow to check Json support for sending data by phpinfo
mcryptFor encrypting data or storing password

First PHP page for Hello world output and checking installation with phpinfo() and uses of comments

Introduction to PHP Collect php.ini settings by using ini_get() Guide to installation and How to write our first PHP Script

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