Deleting records in Ajax based paging script.

We have seen how Ajax can be used to create record breaking per page. Now we will add delete record facility to this Ajax code so users can click a delete button to remove that particular record.

You are advised to first read the basic Ajax based paging script before continuing with this tutorial.

From the student table you have seen each record has one unique id associated with each student. This unique ID we will pass to the PHP script using Ajax to delete that particular record. The passing of ID to the main PHP script is the only extra part added to the original Ajax based paging script.

We have added messaging part to the script so we can communicate better with the visitors. After deletion of record a message is returned by Server side script saying the status of the operation.

download Paging script
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    how to delete a recorde with ajax
    John Mbir


    Please what about updating a record with that simple. I really need a tutorial on it. it will really help us. thanxx

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