PHP Video Tutorials

PHP Basic

  • Passing variable with data to different pages quixote
  • For and foreach loop in PHP with break statement and creating patterns using nested for loops quixote
  • Getting & setting PHP values of php.ini and getting server, operating system & PHP details to Manage quixote
  • PHP if else and elseif with ternary operators to check conditions and execute statement blocks quixote
  • Local Global & Static variables in PHP with examples & scope inside and outside a functions quixote
  • First PHP page for Hello world output and checking installation with phpinfo() and uses of comments quixote
  • How to declare variables in PHP with rules and getting type of variables using gettype() quixote
  • Beginners guide to Installation of XAMPP with Apache PHP MariaDB for learning PHP quixote
  • Introduction to PHP and XAMPP web server quixote
  • First PHP code displaying phpinfo() , Hello Word using localhost quixote
  • PHP Array

    • Creating Array in PHP using Key & values and displaying elements by index position and by looping quixote
    • Highest and lowest value from a PHP array by using max() and min() functions with array_search() quixote
    • Sum of elements of PHP array by using array_sum() and getting average value quixote
    • Remove any element of PHP array by using unset, array_diff() or by searching for value & using key quixote
    • PHP Scripts

      • Checking Armstrong numbers or generating Armstrong numbers in a range using PHP quixote
      • Factorial of an input number through sticky form in PHP using for loop or using recursive function quixote
      • Checking and listing all prime numbers in PHP by using loop and form to take user inputs quixote
      • Checking string or number is Palindrome or not using PHP sticky form without strrev() functions quixote
      • Sum of all digits of a number in PHP by extracting digits and by using sticky form quixote
      • Generating Schema Code in PHP for Rich results while using Video inside Webpage using Youtube API quixote
      • Checking Strong number and generating all strong numbers within a range in PHP quixote
      • PHP Session

        • PHP Session variable creating checking and destroying using session_start() using userid and name quixote
        • PHP GD

          • Adding text to image by using PHP GD function imagettftext() with options to rotate & x y positions quixote
          • Generating image from a template by adding user entered form data by imagestring() in PHP GD quixote
          • Drawing lines and patterns using different thickness and colours using imageline() in PHP GD quixote
          • Drawing arc, circles and patterns using different colours, width and height by imagearc() in PHP GD quixote
          • Drawing filled arc, circles & patterns using colours and angles by imagefilledarc() in PHP GD quixote
          • Dropping shadow from text written over Image with colour using imagettftext() PHP GD function quixote
          • Drawing rectangles & patterns using different thickness and colours using imagerectangle() in PHP GD quixote
          • Adding curved text written over Image with colour using imagettftext() PHP GD function quixote
          • PHP Form

            • Sticky form in PHP to retain input data & selection with validation without any client Libraries quixote
            • HTML form input userid password email validating and processing user entered data using PHP quixote
            • PHP PDF by FPDF

              • MultiCell in FPDF PDF generator to add multiline text with auto ward wrap and increase the height quixote
              • Adding image to fpdf class PDF documents by using Image function with header and footer of all pages quixote
              • Installation and generating PDF document in PHP using FPDF class and showing Hello World quixote
              • Displaying Data from MySQL table in PDF document by using Cell with alternate background color quixote
              • FPDF generating PDF file with Cell() & Output() with the options to manage border, file save in PHP quixote
              • Generating PDF document using record from MySQL database with unique id in PHP using FPDF class quixote
              • Adding table to PDF document by using Cell with equal width by using alignment & position after cell quixote
              • Line() method to draw lines using coordinates and by measuring page width and height quixote
              • Drawing patterns of lines on PDF document by FPDF class in PHP using color and width of the line quixote
              • PHP MySQL

                • PHP Data Object PDO installation or enable with connection string to MySQL database in HINDI quixote
                • Guide to installation and How to write our first PHP Script

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    PHP video Tutorials
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