We can display the entire database present in the MySQL by using query SHOW DATABASES. Based on your login privilege we can display the list of database.
We will try to display a drop down list box with all database names as options. We will use PHP & PDO with database connection to display list of databases. Here is the code.
require "config.php"; // Database Connection

$result = $dbo->query("SHOW DATABASES");

echo "<select name=d1>";
while ($row = $result->fetch(PDO::FETCH_NUM)) {
echo "<option value='$row[0]'>$row[0]</option>";
echo "</select>";

Show Tables of the database

We can list out all the tables present inside a database by using SHOW TABLES query. Here is the example of listing all the tables of a database.
require "config.php"; // Database Connection

$result = $dbo->query("SHOW TABLES");

while ($row = $result->fetch(PDO::FETCH_NUM)) {
echo $row[0]."<br>";

Using LIKE query

We can filter tables based on the part of the name by using LIKE query.
show tables where Tables_in_sql_tutorial like 'analytics_%' 
this will display all tables ( names ) starting with analytics_ inside the database sql_tutorial

SHOW TABLES  like 'analytics_%'

Using schema and order by

We can display in order of table names by using order by query. We can also include Like command to filter the tables.
  WHERE table_schema = 'sql_tutorial'
  ORDER BY table_name ASC
SQL References Primary Key constraint Create Table
Copy Table & SHOW CREATE Table
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