Calculating and storing SUM of a column in another table

Some time we have to collect the SUM , AVG or any other type of data from one table and store them in another table. Say for example we want to store sum of all marks of each student in a different table. We conducted different exams for students and now we will be adding all the marks for each student and store them in a different table. We will be using GROUP BY command to find out sum of all the marks or each student. Here is the SQL to do this.
insert into student3_total(s_id,mark) select id, sum(math + social +science) from student3 group by id
The above query will total all marks of each student and then store them in student3_total table. We can use AVG, MAX,MIN commands in place of SUM command to get desire result.
Storing Average Mark
INSERT INTO student3_total(s_id,mark) SELECT id, AVG(math + social +science) from student3 GROUP BY id

Creating a table & storing data.

If we have not created student3_total table before, then also we can create the table and store the data by using single query.
create table student3_total select id, AVG(math + social +science) from student3 group by id

Displaying the result with total mark using two tables

Above query will insert student id and sum of the mark to our student3_total table. Now we can join both table and display the final report. This report will collect name, id and individual mark from student3 table and total mark and student id from student3_total table. Two tables are joined by student id of both tables . Here is the query
SELECT id, name, class, social, science, math, s_id, mark
FROM  `student3` , student3_total
WHERE id = s_id
2Max RuinThree8556852226
4Krish StarFour6050704180
5John MikeFour6080905230
6Alex JohnFour5590806225
7My John RobFifth7860707208
9Tes QrySix7860709208
10Big JohnFour55405510150
Here are our both tables with records for you to test the query.

student3: Download the SQL dump of the above student table

student3_total : Download the SQL dump of total of student mark
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    i have some data , and want to sum Debit and Credit group by account id using select statement not do while or for next statement.
    i want result in single line statement.
    ACCOUNT NO. DATE PAYMENT_MODE(Debit/Credit) Amount
    000001 01/01/2019 Debit 10000
    000001 02/01/2019 Debit 20000
    000001 03/01/2019 Credit 15000
    000001 03/01/2019 Credit 10000

    Account No Debit Credit
    000001 30000 25000


    Use Group by to sum based on PAYMENT_MODE(Debit/Credit) Amount.


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    Use Group by

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