Creating a FAQ script by using PHP MySQL

Frequently Asked Questions, popularly known as FAQ is one of the important requirements of any website. In this section useful information or answers to commonly asked queries are answered. Replies or response of the website to the issues raised by visitors or customers are addressed. This saves time of the customer service department and helps the visitors who can find the answer without posting them to the website.

But the website must select carefully the questions to be answered in FAQ section. It should be specific and help users to get answer without much effort in searching so we have a category system where queries are kept written based on different categories. Visitors can narrow down their requirements by visiting the categories matching to their requirement.

We will have one admin section where we will add / edit /remove categories. Inside this admin area we can post one FAQ by entering title, selecting category and posting the details. Please read the features of FAQ script to know the details.

Features of the FAQ script

Admin area
Managing categories
Categories can be added
Category name can be edited
While posting the FAQ we can add title, select a category and write the detail reply addressing the FAQ.
The FAQ can be edited or deleted.

User area
Titles can be listed
Categories can be listed
On visiting categories all FAQs under the category will be displayed
Clicking the title detail of the FAQ will be shown.
All FAQs will have back to top link.

Requirement to run FAQ Script

How to Install FAQ script

  • Download the zip file and after unzipping place the FAQ folder in your server path Read the readme.txt file.
  • Open config.php file and add your MySQL login details ( user id , password, database )
  • Open mysql-dump.txt file and use the SQL to create your tables with sample data in your MySQL database.
  • Open site-admin/login.php page and enter admin userid and password to login to your admin area. Userid and password is available readme.txt file.
  • We strongly recommend you to change your password by visiting change password page inside admin area.
  • To view the pages you can open faq.php page or glossary.php page, this page uses JQuery accordion.

FAQ page using JQuery

For better user experience we can use JQuery to expand the content of the FAQ script by clicking the title of the question. In your downloaded zip file , you can open the glossary page and see how this works.
This can be best explained by this.

Demo of FAQ Script using JQuery

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