ini_set to update settings of php.ini file

Getting & setting PHP values of php.ini and getting server, operating system & PHP details to Manage

We can't change all the configured settings of php.ini file. PHP will permit to change some data by using ini_set function. We will verify after changing the configured data by using ini_get function. Here is the code. Please note the outputs shown here will change based on your server settings when you try.
echo ini_get('mysql.connect_timeout');  // OUTPUT 60
echo "<br>";
echo ini_get('mysql.connect_timeout');  // output 100 
We can change some of the configuration options by using ini_set() during the script execution. We can’t change permanently the setting by using ini_set(). Values will return to original value once the script execution is over.
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    this is not done plz give us brief discription of ini_set functions limit

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