MSSQL Data Display using PHP functions

We can collect records or data from MSSQL database by using PHP. Here we will use some exclusive php function to interact and collect data from MSSQL db. These functions will be available for use if MSSQL support is enabled in php configuration file php.ini.

We will use two php functions to interact with MSSQL. We assume that the connection to MSSQL is already established and we will move from that step onwards.

We will use the function mssql_query() to execute the SQL select query.

$query="select * from emp_m ";
The pointer of this function we will use as input to mssql_fetch_array() , this mssql_fetch_array() function will return the array of records. We will use while loop to display all the records collected inside the array.

Here is the complete code to display the records from a MSSQL table.

$link= mssql_connect ($servername,$dbusername,$dbpassword);
$query="select * from emp_m ";
echo "$nt[emp_no]"." $nt[name]";
echo "<br>";
How to display data from mysql table ?
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