DROP Query using PDO

PHP PDO & MYsQL We can drop or delete table from Database by using DROP query.

  • PDO: rowCount() with INSERT, DROP & DELETE query

Here is an example.
Database connection is available at config.php file.
require "config.php"; // database connection 
$sql=$dbo->prepare("DROP TABLE  student_del ");

After the query execution we will add message saying success or print error message in case of failure.
require "config.php"; // database connection 
$sql=$dbo->prepare("DROP TABLE  student_del ");

echo " Table deleted ";
In the above code we have used database connection code inside config.php file.
PDO ReferencesDelete Records

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    What about if I want to TRUNCATE A TABLE how would I do that? cheers


    Details about the TRUNCATE command is here.

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