Displaying records in PHP from MySQL table

Displaying data from a table is a very common requirement and we can do this in various ways depending on the way it is required. We will start with a simple one to just display the records and then we will move to advance one like breaking the returned records to number of pages. We will start with simple displaying the records of this table.
id name class mark
1 John Deo Four 75
2 Max Ruin Three 85
3 Arnold Three 55
4 Krish Star Four 60
5 John Mike Four 60
6 Alex John Four 55
7 My John Rob Fifth 78

Before starting please ensure that you have connected to MySql database and also check the article on PHP MySQL query to know how to execute MySql queries by using PHP

Let us first start by storing the query in a variable and then executing it

MySQLI database connection file

Example : Object Oriented Style
require "config.php";// Database connection file.

$query="select * from student LIMIT 0,5 ";
if ($result_set = $connection->query($query)) {
while($row = $result_set->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC)){
echo $row['id'],$row['name'],$row['class'],$row['mark']."<br>";
We used mysqli_query() function to get the array of records and then used WHILE loop to display record by record. You can see our php While to learn about loops. The code above will print name , class and mark records and you can see we have used <br> tag to give one line break after each record. This can be formatted well to display inside a table.
1John DeoFour75female
2Max RuinThree85male
4Krish StarFour60female
5John MikeFour60female
Procedural style
require "config.php";// Database connection file.

$query="select * from student LIMIT 0,5 ";
if ($result_set = mysqli_query($connection,$query)) {
while($row = $result_set->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC)){
echo $row['id'],$row['name'],$row['class'],$row['mark']."<br>";

Filtering records.

By adding SQL commands like WHERE conditions we can filter data as per our requirements. Let us find out the records of class Four only.
$query="select * from student WHERE class='Four'";

SQL WHERE Condition

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thank you...it works..


Thanks dude, this tutorial helped me a lot.


Hi can you tell me how to insert date month and year combine in databese
Venedict Francisco


how can i post or display data information from the two different table?


You can always combine more than one table and display information. You can select multiple tables in a select statement and join more than two tables by using LEFT join

Check SQL section for more details.

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