SQLite is a full featured file based database where security ( if required ) can be added to the file based on the environment.

There is no userid and password to connect to SQLite database. SQLite is not like our other database (Example : Oracle or MySQL ) which runs on a client – server concept.

No need to install or setup to use SQLite. The initial procedure of setup, configuration and run of database server is not required in case of SQLite.

Portable Database

The database with table created in Python can be copied and used in PHP environment. We will learn more about using SQLite database in PHP environment using PDO and SQLite3 library.

Using pdo_sqlite

One of the several drivers available with PHP PDO is pdo_sqlite. These scripts are developed using pdo_sqlite support. Check your PHP installation for pdo_sqlite support here.
Function Description
supportCheck SQLite support using phpinfo()
ConnectionConnection to DB and creating table
DisplayDisplay multiple rows using Parameter query
DisplayDisplay single row using Parameter query
UpdateUpdate and get number of records updated
insertAdd records to table and display the record ID
deletedelete records and get number of affected by query
dropdelete table if exists
Filter records
Function Description
LIKEString Pattern matching using wildcards
LIMITStrting position and number of records to return
DISTINCTUnique data from the Column
MAXHighest value of the column and record details
MINLowest value of the column and record details
Download sample script for SQLite with instructions on how to use. PHP MySQL PDO Functions PHP Code generator for PDO & mysqli
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