strval() to get string from a variable

echo strval(34)."<br>"; //34
echo strval(12.34)."<br>"; // 12.34 
echo strval(12.340)."<br>"; // 12.34 
echo strval(.34)."<br>"; // 0.34 
echo strval(0.34)."<br>"; // 0.34 
echo strval(-0.34)."<br>"; // -0.34 
echo strval('plus2net')."<br>";// plus2net
From any type of data ( variable ) we can get string output. This can be used to convert any numeric data to string.

The return value is string.

Application using strval()

Find the sum of every 2nd digit of any integer.
for($i=0; $i<strlen($my_num); $i++){
	if(($i % 2) ==0){
	$sum=$sum + $my_num[$i];	
Output is 16
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