Comments in Python

Comments Comments are useful for understanding and maintenance of the code.

Single line comments

The first line is ignored by Python and the second line prints the string.
# Single line comment
print('Hello world')

Single line , inline and multiline Comments in Python for easy maintenance and understanding script

In-line Comment

Comment is used to the right of the code.
print('Hello world') # comment in same line

Multiline comments

Python ignores the string if it is not assigned to a variable, this technique is used to define a multiline comment. There is no direct support for multiline comment in Python.

Use three single quotes or three double quotes to create one multiline comment. Here only the string Hello world is printed.
First line comment 
Second line comment
third line comment
print('Hello world')
Using three double quotes
First line comment 
Second line comment
Third line comment
print('Hello world')

docstring in python

For a function or class we use documentation to understand the details about it, though this is written like we write comment but those can be accessed.
def add_num(a,b):
    '''comment inside about the function'''
    return a+ b
Output is here
comment inside about the function
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