Python MySQL connection

MySQL connector Python

This is MySQL driver written in Python. Install ( pip ) install MySQL connector from your Command Prompt like this.
C:\Users\user>pip install mysql-connector-python
Without this module you will get this error message
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'mysql'
import mysql.connector
        password = 'your_password',
my_cursor = my_conn.cursor()
my_cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM student")
my_result = my_cursor.fetchall() # we get a tuple

py mysql

This driver is written in Python and contains a pure-Python MySQL client library. We can install (pip) from our command prompt.
C:\Users\user>pip install PyMySQL
Here is the sample code to connect and show data from our student table using pymysql connect .
import pymysql  
        password = 'password',
my_cursor = my_conn.cursor()
my_cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM student")
my_result = my_cursor.fetchall() # we get a tuple


MySQLdb, is a C extension module. After MySQLDB2 now it is evolved as mysqlclient. Here is how to install mysqlclient.
C:\Users\user>pip install mysqlclient 
Connection to MySQL using MySQLdb
import MySQLdb
        password = "your_password",
my_cursor = my_conn.cursor()
my_cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM student")
my_result = my_cursor.fetchall() # we get a tuple
Note the difference in import MySQLdb but we have installed mysqlclient.


pip install pyodbc
In your system check for the driver name

Administrative tools -> ODBC Data Sources -> Driver tab then copy the river name to the first parameter
odbc drivers for using pyodbc to connect to database
import pyodbc
my_conn = pyodbc.connect("DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 8.0 ANSI Driver}; \
 SERVER=localhost;DATABASE=my_tutorial; UID=root; PASSWORD=your_password;")
my_cursor = my_conn.cursor()
my_cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM student LIMIT 0,10")
my_result = my_cursor.fetchall() # we get a tuple

Download & Install MySQL with Workbench and creating database with sample student table with records

Database Management using Python
BLOBManaging MySQL Blob Data type
connectionPython MySQL connection string
createCreate table by Query and showing structure
rowcountNumber of rows affected due to Query
errorCapturing Error in MySQL Query
Collect recordsSelect Query to get records from database table
Add recordUsing sqlalchemy to Insert record to database table
Add recordInsert Query to add record to database table
Delete TableDrop table Query to remove table from MySQL database
Update recordUpdate Query to update records of a database table
Delete recordDelete records of a database table
read_sqlUsing MySql records to create Pandas DataFrame
mysqlclientUsing sqlalchemy and create_engine to manage MySQL
pickleHow to Pickle MySQL table and restore records.

Python code for Installing sample student table

Installing MySQL connection from Anaconda

Download & install Anaconda with Python by using mysqlclient to connect to MySQL database server

Before this you must have MySQL database running and keep your connection userid and password with your database name ready.

We need to install MySQL connector to connect from Python to MySQL database.

Inside Anaconda goto Environment at your left side navigational menu
MySQL installation from Anaconda
Middle you can see Base root
From Base root select Open Terminal
MySQL installation from Anaconda
You will reach the Anaconda terminal where you can install any package . Just enter this line at the prompt to install MySQL connector.
conda install -c anaconda mysql-connector-python
This will install your MySQL connector by downloading packages from the internet. Now it is time to check the connection.

MySQL Connecting string
MySQL connection using SQLAlchemy

Using SQLAlchemy

For updating the database you need to use sqlalchemy and its create_engine
Here is the code to get the connection by using sqlalchemy
from sqlalchemy import create_engine
engine = create_engine("mysql+mysqldb://userid_here:password_here@localhost/db_name")
my_conect = engine.connect()
If you are getting error message like this.
No module named 'MySQLdb'
then you need to install mysqlclient.
Open your Anaconda terminal as explained above and then enter
pip install mysqlclient
installing mysqlclient for python

To check the installation
pip show mysqlclient
Checking  mysqlclient installation for python


pip install sqlalchemy
installing SQLAlchemy

To check the installation
pip show sqlalchemy
Checking SQLAlchemy Installation

MySQL & SQLAlchemy

Python to MySQL database connection by SQLAlchemy with error handling using try except blocks


This is a open source community developed relational database. To connect to MariaDB from Python installa this .
pip install mariadb
Using SQLALchemy we can create connection string like this.
my_conn = create_engine("mariadb+mariadbconnector://root:pw@localhost/db_name")

Google Cloud & MySQL

Using Python we can manage MySQL database of google Cloud.
Managing MySQL database at Google cloud

Download .zip file with SQL dump and .ipynb files
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